Medical vs. Chiropractic Treatment in Acute and Chronic Back Pain

Have you ever considered who is the best suited to treat back pain?  A study looking at this very question compared the effectiveness between medical and chiropractic intervention.  Over a 4-year time frame, 2780 patients were followed (initial, 2-week, 1, 3, 6, 12, 24, and 48 month intervals) with questionnaires.  Both acute (symptoms <7weeks) and chronic (symptoms >7weeks) low back pain (LBP) patients were treated using conventional approaches by both the MDs and the DCs.  Treatments from the chiropractors included spinal manipulation, physical therapy, an exercise plan, and self-care education.  Medical therapies included prescription drugs, an exercise plan, self-care advice and about 25% of the patients received physical therapy.

The study focused on present pain severity and functional capacity, measured by questionnaires that were mailed to the patients. It was reported that chiropractic was favored over medical treatment in the following areas:

♦ Pain relief in the first 12 months (more evident in the chronic patients)

♦ When LBP pain radiated below the knee (more evident in the chronic patients)

♦ Chronic LBP patients with no leg pain (during the first 3 months)

This study also found that early intervention reduced chronic pain.  While both medical and chiropractic treatment approaches helped, it’s quite clear from the information reported that chiropractic treatment approaches should be utilized first.  Not only because it is more effective, but also because it is safer and less costly.


Pain Relief During Pregnancy

Germantown, WI

If you are pregnant and suffering from back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, sciatica or other pain, you are limited in what can be done.  You can not take drugs because they can adversely affect your child.

However, you can get a tremendous amount of relief pain with the ABC method of chiropractic.  This type of chiropractic is gentle to have done and provides immediate relief of pain.  You will breath better and stand better.   You also will notice how much easier it is to get up out of a chair and walk.  The body functions better and the results happen immediately, not sometime later.

Then call Jennifer or Pat and set up an appointment for a free consultation where you can find out how this new type of treatment can help.  Call 262-293-3790.

How to Get Rid of Chronic Inflammation for Less Than $25.00

This is a great article from Mercola.  I sleep on a grounding mat I made for about $25.00 in materials from the hardware store.  I sleep better and feel much better.  Life changing stuff, almost too good to be true.


Can Chronic Back Pain Shrink The Brain ?


Can Chronic Back Pain Shrink the Brain ?

By: Paul Kramer DC

If you’re one of the millions of people with chronic back pain, scientists say your brain may age up to 20 times faster than normal.

In the first study of its kind, researchers from Northwestern University have found that chronic back pain actually shrinks the brain by as much as 11%. Specifically, it shrinks the gray matter, which makes up the part of the brain responsible for memory and information processing.

It is well documented that chronic back pain negatively impacts quality of life and increases anxiety and depression, but it has been assumed that any brain changes revert to a normal state after the pain stops. This is according to researcher A. Vania Apkarian who has an article in the Nov. 23, 2004 issue of The Journal of Neuroscience.

Apkarian and colleagues compared 26 healthy volunteers with 26 patients who had chronic back pain in the lower region for more than a year. Some patients’ pain radiated through the buttock, thigh, and leg — a sign of sciatic nerve damage, or sciatica. The source of the pain was not considered.

MRI brain images and other sophisticated imaging tests, which measured gray matter size, were performed on all patients. After adjusting for age and gender factors, scientists found that, overall, chronic back pain patients lost about 5%-11% of gray matter a year — about the same as 10 to 20 years or normal aging, the researchers say. Typically, normal aging results in only about 0.5% of gray matter loss each year, they add.

Those with chronic back pain with sciatica had the largest decrease in gray matter. In addition, the more years someone has chronic back pain, the more brain loss they suffered.

What’s Behind the Brain Shrinkage?

By definition, chronic back pain is a state of persistent pain with associated negative mood and stress, says Apkarian. Therefore, one possible explanation for the decreased gray matter is that nerve cells are working overtime.

The researchers hypothesize that as chronic back pain persists, it may become more irreversible and less responsive to treatment due to these brain changes.

The good news is that chiropractic has been found to be a very effective and long lasting treatment for chronic low back pain.  The elimination of chronic pain now, may prevent future problems of anxiety, depression and dementia.

It is in your best interest to look at all the options available to you if you suffer from chronic pain.  For a free no obligation chronic back pain consultation, call my office at 262-293-3790, your body will thank you.  (and so will your brain 🙂

How to Save 50% on Your Health Insurance Premiums

I am always shocked at what my patients are paying for health insurance premiums.  Then when they need chiropractic care, the insurance doesn’t pay much due to high deductibles and co-pays.  So on top of paying big time premiums, you don’t get much when you need it.
I want to share with you how my family is handling their healthcare costs.  We decided to join a health cost sharing organization and it has been a miracle for us.  We pay less than half what we normally would pay for just a minimal health insurance policy, and when we need it, it pays much better.
Last year Jennifer had some kidney stones and she needed surgery to the tune of $48,000 and we only paid $1500.
The health share organization is called Liberty Healthshare and its awesome.  I can’t recommend it enough.  Go to: and check it out.  They have a free decision guide and all kinds of information.  Great stuff.
What’s the catch ?  Well you can’t smoke and you must agree to only drink alcohol in moderation.  Some people with severe pre-existing conditions aren’t accepted.  When you use it, the health provider will be billing you and then you will be forwarding the bills to Liberty Healthshare.  So you might be handling a little more paperwork than you are used to, but it really is no big deal.  And that’s basically it.
Its great stuff, so check it out, if you want me to help you with any questions, let me know.  The Liberty people are great to talk to as well.

Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield Chiropractic In Wisconsin

Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Wisconsin no longer allows chiropractors into its provider panel directory as of 2017.  In doing so, they have tried to make one of safest, cheapest, most effective, and longest lasting forms of treatment for back pain, neck pain and headaches unavailable to their policy holders.  A decision we have a difficult time understanding, but it is the nature of healthcare today !

The good news is, we do accept Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield patients and offer a discount program that makes care affordable.

We take pride in the clinical results we deliver to our patients.  Our reviews and testimonials speak for themselves.  Check us out at or Dr. Paul Kramer – Chiropractor on Facebook and Google.  Call our office at 262-293-3790 to make an appointment.  Your body will thank you !

Tethered Cord Syndrome – The Cause of Many “Unexplained” Neurological Problems

Here are two videos of patients with “tethered cord syndrome” that were successfully treated non-surgically with ABC chiropractic care.  One from Dr. Paul Kramer and one from Dr. Jeff Aberle.  The clinical signs and symptoms are different, but the cause is the same.  The cause being adverse mechanical tension on the central nervous system, sometimes referred to in the medical community as Tethered Cord Syndrome.  These problems can be treated successfully and you can get back to life.  More information on the ABC method can be found at and

Osgood Schlatter’s Treatment Gets You Back To Sports In A Week

Image result for osgood schlatters photos

Osgood Schlatter’s knee is a condition where the tendon below the knee cap becomes inflamed and partially pulls away from the bone.  Until recently, it has been a perplexing injury for doctors to treat.  Care usually consisted of rest, anti-inflammatories, icing, wraps and bracing.  Athletes are often held out of their sport for as long as 6 months until it heals.  And, it often comes back once activity is resumed.

But now, a method has been developed that actually re-packs the tendon onto the bone and allows it to heal almost instantly.  Most athletes can return to activity within a week.

The treatment does not require medication or surgery.  The doctor uses his hands in a special way to manually push the tendon fully onto the bone.  Dr. Paul Kramer who performs the treatment in his Germantown, WI office says “The treatment itself takes less than 3 minutes to perform.  Most people need between 1 and 3 treatments.  Relief is felt immediately and you can get back to activity in a week. The treatment is most often a permanent fix, but on occasion we have had athletes come back for a treatment a few months later.”

There are no side effects, but Dr. Kramer does add, “It is somewhat painful to have done, but if you can handle 3 sets of 30 seconds or less on each knee, you will walk out of the office with much less pain and in a week, you won’t ever know you had it.  Most athletic children handle it and respond very well.”

Dr. Kramer offers free Osgood Schlatter Evaluations at his Germantown office.  If you are interested in an Osgood Schlatter Evaluation, call Jennifer or Pat at 262-293-3790.

*****Google Review from Brad H. – “Dr. Kramer took very good care of our son who was having issues with his knees. He has condition called Osgood Schlatter’s also known as “growing pains”. Our son is very active in several sports and the discomfort was not getting any better. With the first visit our son immediately started to feel better. We have had several family members treated by Dr. Kramer and highly recommend him.”