Is Yoga Good For The Spine ?

By: Paul Kramer DC

I am often asked if Yoga is beneficial to the spine.  Its one of those questions where I have to be the bearer of bad news.

Yoga is not good for the spine.  It causes many injuries and it is particularly injurious to the lower neck.

When I tell patients this, they are very surprised or skeptical.  Everyone says that Yoga is good for you.  Well, take a look at this article by a Yogi from India.  He tells many people not to do Yoga.  He says that Yoga is meant for people with healthy joints to stay healthy, not as a means for unhealthy people to get healthier.  That’s how I feel as well.

Also, the light-headed feeling you get after doing the spine stretches, that some Yoga instructors say is the “chakras” opening up, isn’t that at all.  It is an effect of having the spinal cord stretched.  Unfortunately, that feeling doesn’t always clear up on its own and can leave you with dizziness and balance problems.  Take a look at the article for more in depth information.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ? Or Is It Your Neck ?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be misdiagnosed.  The problem may be in your neck.


Neck problems are a common cause of pain and numbness in the hands.  The nerve involved in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is called the Median Nerve and it runs from your first three fingers, thru the carpal tunnel, up your arm, to your neck.

CTS happens when the tendons of the wrist swell and compress the median nerve as it passes thru the carpal tunnel.

However, if the nerve is pinched at the neck, you can get the same pain and numbness in the hands as when you have CTS.  The symptoms are the same, but the nerve is compressed in the neck, not the wrist.

You can also have a condition called “double crush” where the nerve is compressed at both sites.  Chiropractors have known for decades that the reason CTS surgery has such a high failure rate, is because undiagnosed neck problems are not addressed.  A growing body of research is supporting treatment of the wrist and the neck for CTS.

An article appearing in the March 2009 issue of the Journal Of Orthopedic Sports and Physical Therapy showed that people with CTS have larger postural distortions in the neck and less range of motion than normal healthy people.  Other studies have confirmed that pinched nerves in the neck are often mis-diagnosed as CTS.

Before making the decision to have surgical procedures done to the wrists or anywhere else, it would be to your best interests to seek out a safer more natural approach.  Chiropractic care addresses the causes of carpal tunnel syndrome and carpal tunnel syndrome-like symptoms, by re-aligning bones that are compressing the median nerve.  Those bones could be in the wrist or the neck.  We can also suggest natural ways to reduce inflammation in the wrists and help you to set up your workstation to prevent you from re-aggravating the problem.

The results are excellent and your whole body will be healthier afterward.  For more information or to set up an appointment, call our office at 262-293-3790.


Neck Pain – Treat The Cause And It Goes Away For Good !

Neck Pain -Treat The Cause And It Goes Away For Good !

Chiropractic treatment of the neck, for neck pain is very effective. There have been eight well designed, controlled, scientific studies that have demonstrated chiropractic to be highly effective in eliminating neck pain. It is also incredibly safe. Safer than taking aspirin or Tylenol.

But the pain is more than just a problem in your neck. The neck itself can be treated. But, other parts of your spine almost always have to be treated as well.  Many people are surprised to know that in some cases, neck pain can be relieved without every treating the neck.

One of the largest contributors to neck pain is poor posture. If the head is aligned too far in front of the shoulders, the muscles of the neck have to pull hard to keep the head upright.  It makes it difficult to turn the head and the constant fatigue, causes pain.

Simply treating the neck with chiropractic or other therapies will not solve the whole problem. You will need to have your posture treated as well.  Just like these neck pain sufferers below.


These pictures were taken minutes apart, before and after their first treatment. The patients are standing totally relaxed in both pictures.  Before treatment, when relaxed, their shoulders are rounded forward and the head sticks out in front of their bodies. After treatment, when relaxed, the head is over the shoulders and the shoulders square up.   They were not using any muscular effort to hold their heads up.  They felt relief from pain, and they can turn their heads to back up a car without restriction.

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